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The Dormont Book of Carlisle

Unlawful Games 59- Item, if any person or persons suffer hereafter any unlawful games to be played at or within his house or garden shall forfeit for every time. And the player at the same…

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Sir Walter Scott Links with Carlisle

SIR WALTER SCOTT'S LINKS WITH CARLISLE Had it not been for Scott's collecting and reworking of many of the border ballads, much of the tradition, character and mythology of the Reiver story would be lost.…

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Hazelslack Tower Cumbria

Hazelslack Tower Cumbria The substantial remains of this interesting little L-shaped Border tower-house stand about a mile east of Arnside in Cumbria. The tall tower of four storeys is roughly built from limestone rubble and…

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Arnside Tower Cumbria

Arnside Tower. Arnside Tower, Arnside, Cumbria, drawing from a 1986 sketchbook by Pete Armstrong. Arnside Tower stands about a mile from the town of Arnside on the River Kent, near the northern end of Morecambe…

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Reiver Truce Days and Locations

Reiver Days of Truce and Locations The Wardens of opposing Marches agreed upon a day and place of meeting usually on the frontier but sometimes elsewhere. In the west, Dumfries and Carlisle were convenient venues,…

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Reiver Routes

Reiving Routes The following text is from text in the Callendar of Border Papers and dates from the 16th century. It gives an impression of the routes that Reivers may have taken on their raids…

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Rules to Protect Carlisle from Scots

Rules to Defend Border Towns - Carlisle Scotland and England feared theft and invasion from each other. Towns were where the wealth resided, thus invaders and thieves sought to strip towns of their valuables. Towns…

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Battle of Solway Moss 1542

Solway Moss, The Battle Of, 1542 The Battle of Solway Moss, 1542; Thomas Wharton's “prickers” rout the Scots Painting of The Battle of Solway Moss, by Rick Scollins, c.1986. The illustrator Richard Scollins specialised in…

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Sir Richard Lowther Tomb And Effigy

Tomb And Effigy Of Sir Richard Lowther Tomb with effigy of Sir Richard Lowther, Lord Warden of the Marches in Lowther Church, Cumbria The inscription above Sir Richard Lowther's tomb runs thus; “Sr.Rich:Lowther Knig.Succeeded Hen:…

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