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The Bishops Curse Translation

THE ARCHBISHOP OF GLASGOW'S "MONITION OF CURSING" An Interpretation of the Bishop’s Curse by Peter Nicholson Good folks, here at my Archbishopric of Glasgow letters under this round seal direct me or any other chaplain,…

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Clothing of Border Reiver Men and Women

Clothing - Reiver Women Clothing in the mid and late 16th century had become not only functional but highly fashionable. Clothing was expensive and so the same outfit had to suffice for work and for…

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Battle of Dryfe Sands

The Battle Of Dryfe Sands The Battle of Dryfe Sands, 1593, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire The Battle of Dryfe Sands, fought on 6 December 1593, was the culmination of the famous and long standing deadly feud between…

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