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The Medeival Fortified Buildings of Cumbria, Perriam & Robinson

The Medeival Fortified Buildings of Cumbria Authors Perriam & Robinson CWAAS Extra series XXIX This is a comprehensive study of all the various types of defensible structures in the county from complex castles to dykes in the period 1066-1603. This essential reference studies over 490 sites in much detail. It is over eighty years since…

Border Towers West March Maxwell Irving

The Border Towers of Scotland - Their History and Architecture. The West March. Author: Alastair M T Maxwell-Irving. Publisher: Alastair M T Maxwell-Irving. This work gives a concise account of the his┬Čtory and architecture of the surviving tower-houses in the West March, as far as the Ken-Dee valley. These were the towers that played a…

Reading List

RECOMMENDED READING: Online resources: The Lord Wardens Of The Marches Of England And Scotland Full text of "The lord wardens of the marches of England and Scotland : being a brief history of the marches, the laws of march, and the marchmen, together with some account of the ancient feud between England and Scotland" See…

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