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The Medeival Fortified Buildings of Cumbria, Perriam & Robinson

The Medeival Fortified Buildings of Cumbria Authors Perriam & Robinson CWAAS Extra series XXIX This is a comprehensive study of all the various types of defensible structures in the county from complex castles to dykes in the period 1066-1603. This essential reference studies over 490 sites in much detail. It is over eighty years since…

Reading List

RECOMMENDED READING: Online resources: The Lord Wardens Of The Marches Of England And Scotland Full text of "The lord wardens of the marches of England and Scotland : being a brief history of the marches, the laws of march, and the marchmen, together with some account of the ancient feud between England and Scotland" See…

Border Towers West March Maxwell Irving

The Border Towers of Scotland - Their History and Architecture. The West March. Author: Alastair M T Maxwell-Irving. Publisher: Alastair M T Maxwell-Irving. This work gives a concise account of the his┬Čtory and architecture of the surviving tower-houses in the West March, as far as the Ken-Dee valley. These were the towers that played a…

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