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England Scotland wars and raids

[This is raw database entry from file L records not used.  This entry to be clarified and illustrated later.] L1002 Henry VII Order to Carlisle to Defend Against Scots Letter from Henry VII ordering Carlisle…

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The Dormont Book of Carlisle

Unlawful Games 59- Item, if any person or persons suffer hereafter any unlawful games to be played at or within his house or garden shall forfeit for every time. And the player at the same…

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The Bishops Curse Translation

THE ARCHBISHOP OF GLASGOW'S "MONITION OF CURSING" An Interpretation of the Bishop’s Curse by Peter Nicholson Good folks, here at my Archbishopric of Glasgow letters under this round seal direct me or any other chaplain,…

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John Armstrong The Lairds Jock

John Armstrong The Lairds Jock By Walter Scott Enough has been said and sung about "The well contested ground, The warlike border-land---" to render the habits of the tribes who inhabited them before the union…

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Scots Dike, The Debateable Land

Scots' Dike earthwork marking Scotland / England frontier of 16th century Debateable Land The double ditch and embankment of the Scots' Dike are still identifiable in parts, though now little more than a low mound…

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