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Tarras Moss

The wilderness of Tarras Moss in Liddesdale, Dumfriesshire To the west of Liddesdale, above the Debateable land is Tarras Moss, a wild and windswept expanse of desolate moorland. This was once a place of refuge…

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Scots Dike Aerial View

Aerial Photograph of Earthwork called Scots' Dike which marks the Scotland / England frontier in 16th century Cumberland and Dumfriesshire The only section of the Anglo-Scottish Border in the west that does not follow a…

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Scots Dike, The Debateable Land

Scots' Dike earthwork marking Scotland / England frontier of 16th century Debateable Land The double ditch and embankment of the Scots' Dike are still identifiable in parts, though now little more than a low mound…

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Auchenrivock Tower

Remains of Auchenrivock Tower, Eskdale, Dumfriesshire The shattered ruins of Auchenrivock Tower stand in Eskdale near the mouth of the Irvine burn, the northern limit of the Debateable land. Though the site is marked as…

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