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Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire

Hoddom Castle, Annandale, Dumfriesshire This large impressive castle stands on rising ground six miles south of Lockerbie on the River Annan. It is a tall tower of unusual design on the L-shape plan. The main…

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Dacre Castle, Cumbria

Dacre Castle, Dacre, Cumbria Dacre Castle is a three-storey towerhouse of the 14th century, situated on a spur of high ground south of the church in the village of Dacre. The tower stands in the…

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Carlisle Castle, Cumbria

Carlisle Castle, Gateway and Moat, Carlisle, Cumbria The walled city of Carlisle with its imposing castle played a major role in the military history of the Borders, its importance in the west was similar to…

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Branthwaite Hall from the East, Dean, Cumbria

Branthwaite Hall, Dean, Cumbria, from the East in 1986 before restoration work Branthwaite Hall stands between the hamlets of Dean and Branthwaite about five miles to the south of Cockermouth.  The imposing battlemented 14th century…

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Brackenhill Tower; Details Of The Wall-Head

Details of the wall-head of Brackenhill Tower, Longtown, Cumbria, from 1986 sketchbook by Pete Armstrong Page from a 1986 sketchbook recording original features and dimensions of the wallhead at Brackenhill Tower. The battlemented parapet is…

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Brackenhill Tower, Longtown, Cumbria

Brackenhill Tower, Longtown, Cumbria Brackenhill Tower stands on the river Line just to the east of Longtown in Cumbria. It is one of the finest and externally well preserved of surviving Border fortresses in the…

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Blencow Hall, Greystoke, Cumbria

Blencow Hall, Greystoke, Cumbria Blencow Hall is a typical example of a Border stronghold that was originally a pele-tower, built as a defence against the Scots raiders, developed later into a mansion and today is,…

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Bewcastle Castle, Cumbria

Bewcastle Castle or Bueth's Castle also, Belcastell, Boa, Bothe, Bowe; Bewcastle, Cumbria The ruins of Bewcastle stand on a mound in the north-east angle of a Roman fort. The earliest castle here was built in…

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Askerton Castle, Gilsland, Cumbria

Askerton is remotely sited on high open ground on the south-west flank of the Cheviots between Gilsland and Bewcastle. The buildings here are clustered round a courtyard and have been much restored and altered over…

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