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Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire

Hoddom Castle, Annandale, Dumfriesshire

This large impressive castle stands on rising ground six miles south of Lockerbie on the River Annan. It is a tall tower of unusual design on the L-shape plan. The main block is four storeys high to the parapet with a garret above whilst the stair wing which is bigger than usual continues for two more storeys.

The entrance in the south wall is in the re-entrant angle. The basement is divided into two stone vaulted chambers and this division into two rooms continues on each floor in turn making this an unusual design. The third floor of the high west wing is also vaulted being the chamber above the main stair.

Hoddom was an important Maxwell stronghold and must have seen stirring times as the (Maxwell) Lords Herries who provided sundry Wardens of the West March were a powerful and impetuous race. The almost continuous Maxwell feud with the nearby Johnstones of Annandale must have put Hoddam in the forefront of the strife on this part of the Border. The tower is now isolated and derelict as the attached mansion has been pulled down.

Location: Dumfries and Galloway, Dumfriesshire, Annandale
OS sheet: 85 NY  GR: 156730

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