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Blackmail by Richie Graham

Richie Graham’s Blackmail Blackmail: A Protection Racket on the Borders in 16th century The Grahams on both sides of the Esk elevated the extraction of blackmail or protection money to a full-time profession. Charges laid…

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Hollows Tower

Hollows Tower (see also Gilnockie Tower), Canonbie, Dumfriesshire Hollows Tower is strongly sited two miles north of Canonbie, close to the River Esk. It is oblong on plan, rising to four storeys with a garret…

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Gilnockie Castle Hollows Tower

Gilnockie Castle and the controversy that surrounds this enigmatic site Controversy surrounds the earthwork known as Gilnockie, above the Esk near Hollows bridge. Was this the lair of Johnnie Armstrong, the most famous Reiver of…

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Gilnockie Castle Site

Aerial view of site of Gilknockie Castle, Canonbie, Dumfriesshire The sites of Gilnockie Castle and Hollows Tower both lie on the river Esk about two miles north of Canonbie and both are visible in this…

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