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Definitions, sites and generalities of a Barmkin/Barnekin Most pele-towers and tower-houses of the Border did not stand in isolation but had a barmkin attached. That is an enclosure normally of stone but sometimes of earth…

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Repentance Tower, Annandale

The fortified watch-tower of Repentance Tower, Annandale, Hoddom, Dumfriesshire Repentance is not a tower in the true sense but rather a fortified watch-tower dating from the 16th century. It stands on the summit of Trailtrow…

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Lochwood Tower, Annandale, The Barmkin

Barmkin and outbuildings to the north of the ruined tower of Lochwood Tower, Annandale Dumfriesshire To the north of the ruined 15th century Lochwood Tower, which can just be glimpsed in this view, recent excavation…

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Gillesbie Tower, Dryfedale, Dumfriesshire

Remains of Gillesbie Tower, Dryfedale across the Dryfe water The shattered remains of Gillesbie Tower are perched precariously above the Dryfe water, high in Dryfedale and are overgrown with near impenetrable flesh-tearing varieties of hawthorn…

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