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Lag Tower, Remains of the Barmkin, Dumfriesshire

The tower and remains of the barmkin wall of Lag Tower

The grim broken fragment that was once Lag Tower is situated on a knoll adjoining the farm of Lag, just over a mile north of the village of Dunscore in Nithsdale, Dumfriesshire. The building dates from the late 16th century and was the stronghold of the Griersons of Lag.

The tottering ruins of Lag are overgrown with trees and saplings and are deteriorating. In the field beside the tower are several large fragments of masonry that seem to be too far away from the tower to be the fallen remains of the west wall, but may be part of the barmkin.

Eighty years ago the RCAM in Dumfriesshire reported that there were substantial lengths of the barmkin wall and an arched gateway still intact at Lag. This and all but a fragment of the barmkin wall, attached to the tower, have now disappeared. It is still possible to trace what must have been the barmkin in the adjacent field but the unkempt and overgrown condition of the remains make further interpretation difficult.

Location: Dumfries and Galloway, Dumfriesshire, Nithsdale
OS sheet: 78 NX881862

Lag Tower, Remains of the Barmkin, Dumfriesshire

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