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The West March of Scotland

The West March of Scotland
Map of the West March of Scotland, Boundaries and Generalities.

In 1578 The Scots West March consisted of Nithsdale, Annandale and Eskdale along with the tributary valleys of the latter dale; Ewesdale and Wachopdale. The frontier of the March was bounded on the west by the English West March so the Scottish Warden of the West March only had one opposite number.

In the east the March was bounded by the river Cree though in practise the Wardenry did not extend far beyond Dumfriesshire. The Warden and his deputy resided at Dumfries and a Captain, called the Keeper of Annandale, lay at Langholm.

There were fewer inhabitants than in the English West March and it was said that nowhere within twenty miles of England could an honest Scot remain in safety, whereas a hundred Englishmen could lie at Rockcliffe, three-quarters of a mile from Scotland. This did not however prevent the Scots from doing plenty of damage in England.

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