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Hazelslack Tower Cumbria

Hazelslack Tower Cumbria The substantial remains of this interesting little L-shaped Border tower-house stand about a mile east of Arnside in Cumbria. The tall tower of four storeys is roughly built from limestone rubble and…

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Arnside Tower Cumbria

Arnside Tower. Arnside Tower, Arnside, Cumbria, drawing from a 1986 sketchbook by Pete Armstrong. Arnside Tower stands about a mile from the town of Arnside on the River Kent, near the northern end of Morecambe…

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Yanwath Hall, Eamont Bridge, Cumbria

Yanwath Hall From The South, Eamont Bridge, Cumbria Yanwath Hall is quite exceptional as it retains all the features of a medieval Border stronghold and is the finest survival of a pele tower with its…

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Catterlen Hall, Cumbria

Catterlen Hall, Catterlen, Cumbria Catterlen Hall is a pele-tower of the late 15th century to which a hall range was added in the following century. It stands about two miles north-west of Penrith and ranks…

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Burneside Hall, Near Kendal, Cumbria

Buildings of Burneside Hall, Nr. Kendal, Cumbria Burneside Hall, though ruinous in parts, retains enough of its original fabric to enable us to reconstruct a complete picture of a stronghold of the English West March,…

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Branthwaite Hall from the East, Dean, Cumbria

Branthwaite Hall, Reconstruction Drawing from East Drawing by Pete Armstrong of Branthwaite Hall, Dean, Cumbria, showing the Hall as it would have appeared in Elizabethan times Branthwaite Hall from the east. The illustrator has used…

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