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Blackmail by Richie Graham

Richie Graham’s Blackmail Blackmail: A Protection Racket on the Borders in 16th century The Grahams on both sides of the Esk elevated the extraction of blackmail or protection money to a full-time profession. Charges laid…

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Stapleton Tower, Annandale

Stapleton Tower, Annandale, Dumfriesshire view from the east This oblong 16th century tower stands three miles north-east of Annan. It consists of four storeys underneath a crenellated parapet, though this is a modern reconstruction probably…

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Gillesbie Tower, Dryfedale, Dumfriesshire

Remains of Gillesbie Tower, Dryfedale across the Dryfe water The shattered remains of Gillesbie Tower are perched precariously above the Dryfe water, high in Dryfedale and are overgrown with near impenetrable flesh-tearing varieties of hawthorn…

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