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Inventory of Cattle 16th Century

Inventory of Cattle in 16th Century

A note of his cattle in other mens hands and att his owne howse.
Eckies edmount one ox & viii other nowlt
Will Taler of the herper hill  one kow & one whye
Ecke noble o blacke ox
Geordy of the hare hill  one stott
Jefiray robson of Kinge(water)  iii nowlt
John robson of the Saime  iii nowlt whereof
one is a choise kowe
Tome Steavenson  ii nowlt
Jenkin Armestronge  ii kine & one whit whie
Clemetts Adam  ii kine
Antony of the pickes  ii stots & one whye
cuddies John of the trough  ii younge oxen
Ramish Johns Whinton  one kow & one whye
geordy pruddom  iii younge kine
Jamy of the nuke  iii whies
Rowye elliot one kow & one ox
John of the kill  one kow & one ox
Thomas of the eakeshawe  one ox
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