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Glossary for Inventory in 16th Century Northern England

Glossary used in Inventories in Cumberland England 16th century

Alame elm
Almyrie almery cupboard
Apparrell clothing
Ark(e) a chest for meal
Arras tapestry work
Bands collars or ruffs
Bigg barley
Bourdclothes tablecloths
Bowting meaning uncertain-kneading tub or one used for raising the dough
Brandreth a trivet used to support the girdle over the fire
Broke broken
Candlechist chest for storing candles
Carsay kersey woollen cloth
Chargers large dishes or flat plates
Cleppes tongs
Cloke bagge cloak bag a bag for carrying clothes
Cradell with a prodder meaning uncertain– stand for a poker?
Cressates cressetts iron container sometimes used for burning oil or other substances to provide light
Croke crock an old ewe
Crooks and racks ironwork over fire for hanging pans and basins etc
Dublers large earthenware/wood/pewter dishes
Dublet doublet close fitting mens body garment with or without sleeves
Fatte vat or tub
Fleshe croke hook for hanging meat to roast over fire
Fustian Coarse cloth of wool and flax
Gavelock iron crow bar
Geggans geggins small tub of equal diameter top and bottom. They have one stave longer than the other to act as a handle
Girdle griddle circular iron plate with a bow handle on which cakes were baked
Grograin a coarse fabric of silk or silk and Wool c.f. grosgrain
Gylle fatte guile fatte wort tub – a tub for leavings eg of the brewing process
Hackes pick axes with two points
Hagg(s) turf, turves (peats)
Happen happin thick woollen bedcover
Harden (cloth) a coarse cloth
Haver oates
Heylaith haybarn
Hogsheads casks for beer and wine
Imprimis first (latin)
Kawdran bandes cauldron ?
Knoppe small tub with two stave handles
Kouppes possibly cowp or small short fellside carts coop carts
Kowters coulters iron blades fixed in front of shares in a plough
Kye kine cow
Kylle kiln
Kylppes hooks
Kytt kitt tub or pail sometimes with lid
Latten a brass like metal
Lead a container for brewing beer
Lyne flax
Mallertes mallard ducks ?
Massefatte tub for mashing malt
Meselen bayson brass basin
Nag(ges) horse(s)
Panyers paniers saddle bags
Platers plates
Possuat possett this usually refers to a drink made of hot milk and ale but in this context seems to refer to the mug or cup
Pottegers pottingers/porringers basins for soup c.f. podeger
Press large shelved cupboards sometimes in the recees of a wall
Prisser press (?)
Puke a superior kind of woollen cloth
Pyllivers pillow cases
Quivers holders for arrows
Racken croke hook and rack
Salt salt cellar
Say a fine cloth made of wool or silk and wool
Shodd tipped edged or sheathed with metal
Shottes shots half grown swine
Skelves shelves ?
Skembles skemmels forms or long seats without a back
Sockes plough shares
Steale cottes steel coats steel jackets – armour
Stone-bow a kind of cross bow or catapult used for shooting stones
Stottes stots bullocks
Swingles swingletree the wooden bar by which the traces etc are attached to the plough
Teaster tester a canopy over the bed
Temes either a set of draught animals (ie horses oxen etc used to pull a cart) or a waggon with a horse or horses
Threve sheave
Thystle thistle tang? Tongs for pulling up weeds
Traile carres carts or tubs which had to be pushed by manual labour and were not drawn by animals (a mining term)
Trussing bed bed with a staw mattress ?
Vergis verdigris (?) green deposit which forms on copper or brass
Wainescott wood pannelled
Wanded slender (?)
Whealebedd bed on wheels
Why(es) heifer(s)
Windecloth winnowing cloth (?)
Wolle cardes implements to disentagle wool and prepare it for spinning
Womble wimble tool such as gimlet augur or brace
Yokes with bowes equipment for yoking oxen to a cart or plough
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