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Reiver Weapons

Reiver demonstrating how a Main Gauche Dagger can be used in defence The Reivers were rural workers who occasionally committed acts of great violence. They were not wealthy nor were they well-educated. Their weapons had…

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Selkirk Protocols Attitude to Strangers

Defence By Attack – Selkirk 1530 Most border towns did not have walls and so people were wary and frightened of any strangers. They could be the outlaws and swordsmen checking the place before plundering…

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Rules to Protect Carlisle from Scots

Rules to Defend Border Towns - Carlisle Scotland and England feared theft and invasion from each other. Towns were where the wealth resided, thus invaders and thieves sought to strip towns of their valuables. Towns…

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Passport for English Man in Scotland

Permission to Pass in Scotland's Middle March A copy of a letter allowing an Englishman to pass through the Middle March of Scotland. Each town in Scotland had its legal representations recorded in a protocol…

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Battle of Otterburn with Harry Hotspur

Harry Hotspur At The Battle of Otterburn Harry Hotspur or Henry Percy at The Battle of Otterburn Henry Percy or “Hotspur” played a prominent part in Border warfare in the late 14th and early 15th…

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Battle of Dryfe Sands

The Battle Of Dryfe Sands The Battle of Dryfe Sands, 1593, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire The Battle of Dryfe Sands, fought on 6 December 1593, was the culmination of the famous and long standing deadly feud between…

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Reiver Women Clothing

A Wealthy Lady’s Best Dress Wealthy ladies would wear an underskirt made of a heavy and expensive material and the overskirt would be split at the front to expose the skirt which the most wealthy…

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